kerrie hertel

My Name is Kerrie. My love of photography began as a child when I made my first pinhole camera. Then onto bigger and better with my Kodak point and shoot. I thought that I was destined for greatness while taking pictures of holly plants dusted with snow! I was often times looking for willing subjects too. Usually that meant Clara my teddy bear, or the neighbor's cat %u201CTigger.%u201D What a trooper that cat was, sitting patiently while dressed in one of my doll outfits, and further adorned with my mother%u2019s costume jewelry.

My passion continued through college where I learned more about the world of photography. Had it not been for the days of film and a few darkroom disasters-I may have made photography my major. But alas, design became my calling. After college I worked in the advertising and retail industry as a Designer and Art Director and climbed the corporate ladder to eventually become a Creative Manager for Target. Photo shoots were a large part of my career-my favorite part-particularly when they were based in warm environments! They not only offered a welcome reprieve from the -40 degree winters in Minneapolis, MN, but also allowed me to be a part of the magic that happens on set.

In 2004 I became a mother to %u201Csweet pea%u201D and soon after to %u201Cpeanut shell.%u201D Flying to NY, LA, and beyond for photo shoots was no longer a possibility. However, the outcome was something even more rewarding. I had the opportunity to bring a little magic into my own home by documenting the lives of our family, and of others. And so Pea Nut Portraits was born.

My philosophy is pretty simple-to create photographs that are pure and meaningful. I hope that they make you laugh or smile, and even sometimes...cry. Mostly, I want to capture a moment, a personality, a quirkiness, that is unique to you, or, a loved one.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work!